With millions of active installations and thousands more cropping up every day, WordPress is a real phenomenon. Originally created to be a simple blogging platform, the free software system has turned into something more ambitious. It is now a full-fledged content management system, and one that can be easily tuned to just about any web hosting purpose imaginable.

That makes WordPress frequently a great choice for small businesses that are looking to get started online. Wordpress experts are so easy to come by today that finding someone to set up a new installation is never hard, and many business owners are pleased with the results they arrive at. Even so, it can pay to look beyond the very basics of WordPress to find ways of making a new setup even more suitable to a company’s needs and goals.

In many cases, this will involve a bit of custom website design work, although these investments do not need to overwhelm the cost advantages that are associated with using a standard WordPress installation. With great-looking, highly professional themes being easy to find and affordable to acquire the rights to, it often takes very little work to turn a stock WordPress setup into something distinctive that will stand out.

For those who decide to invest a little more, there are plenty of excellent options, too. Many site owners find that relatively minor touches can deliver a lot in terms of making a destination more engaging, and some of these tend to be highly affordable to commission.

Well designed video headers, for example, are becoming even more popular, with the activity and interest they add to a site often being a good way of keeping visitors engaged. A simple header of this kind can expand on the basic message of a business in subtle, appealing ways, making it much more likely that visitors will seek to learn more and dive further in.

In addition to looking for opportunities of these sorts, site owners also do well to make sure the basics are covered. WordPress itself does a good job of enforcing a basic level of usability and ease of navigation, but looking over these issues typically pays off regardless. With today’s usage patterns and those that are likely in the near future, ensuring that a site is entirely mobile compatible is always a good idea, as well. While WordPress in its basic form has a lot to offer to small businesses, there are therefore plenty of ways of making the stock package even more attractive.